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Bingo Mania has many ways you receive free bingo money. As a new player many promotions are on offer for free games and free bingo tickets. However, the big wins come as a registered player at Bingo Mania. Register for your player account to reap ongoing free bingo money rewards. Bingo Mania is free to join. (more…)

Bingo Mania is an excellent online venue for claiming free bingo money. Players who have a lot of friends are especially fortunate at bingo Mania. This virtual game center offers rewards when you friends join the site. So, get your free membership today. Start referring your friends and receive $20 free bingo money when they join. (more…)

All the best bingo games boosted by the best promotions- this is how the developers behind Bingo Mania advertises the website. Ever since the website was started in 1996 as a free bingo site, the development team never wavered in its quest to offer the best gaming experience online. In fact, one of the mission of Bingo Mania is to come up with a ‘total commitment’ to online bingo experience in the form of better gaming security, reliable e-payment options fun games and better customer support. All these offers pushed Bingo Mania to become one of the well-known bingo websites. In fact, the site has been voted as the number 1 bingo website for 2010 by one industry website. To deliver better gaming experience, the site actually partnered with Thawte considered as one of the leading names when it comes to SSL certificates. The games are backed by Parlay and the license for the website is carried by Bingo Worldwide Limited. (more…)

Bingo Mania has an array of Bingo gaming rooms. You can play your favorite Bingo games in the Looney Bin Bingo, Fair and Square Bingo, Nuthouse Bingo, $1000 Free roll Bingo, High Roller Bingo, Soap Opera Bingo, Pajama Party Bingo, or the $500 Pre Buy Bingo room. Read on to learn more about this fun online gambling venue. (more…)

When you decide to play Bingo at Bingo Mania you are offered access to some very nice bonus offers. On Bingo Mania you get a first deposit bonus of 300% followed by a 50% bonus on subsequent deposits. What’s more, the site offers special bonuses on various days throughout the week too.

Monday 200% Matching Deposit Bonuses

If you make your deposits on Mondays you are offered a 200% matching bonus for every single deposit that you make to fund your Bingo gaming account. This bonus applies as long as you had no pay out requests or processed transactions the week prior. Nevertheless, if you had a payout the week before, you will still get a VIP bonus offering.

More 200% Matching Deposit Bonuses

Tuesdays are another day you can get 200% matching bonus offers on your deposits. The more money you are willing to add to your account, the bigger the reward you receive too; if you deposit $100.00 or greater you get the 200% bonus. If you deposit between $75.00 and $99.00 you get a 165% matching bonus. If you deposit $50.00 to $75.00 you are offered a 135% bonus, and if you deposit $20.00 to $49.00 you are offered a 110% bonus. Of course, the next day of the week is Wednesday, but don’t let bonuses on hump day get you down.

Wednesday 150% Matching Deposit Bonuses

Bingo Mania really wants you to get in on a lot of Bingo gaming action; you are offered a 150% deposit bonus when you put your money in your account on Wednesdays. On Thursdays you can get anywhere from a 50% bonus to a 100% bonus, depending upon the VIP level you achieve.

VIP Players Can Level Up For Even More Bonuses

The more you play the more it pays. Level 1 is an automatic 300% bonus. Levels two through five is a 50% bonus. Level six is a 60% bonus; level seven is a 70% bonus; level eight is an 80% bonus, level nine is a 90% bonus, and level ten is a 100% matching bonus. On Fridays not only do you get a VIP bonus but the latter bonus is supplemented by a 100% matching bonus on deposits too. On Saturdays players are offered a 150% bonus on every single deposit, and Sunday’s bonuses range from 50% to 100% depending upon VIP status.

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